Financial Model wobbles on Cat-Walk

IMG_3028The financial model wobbles on the cat-walk stage of the stock exchange. As the rich scratch from the poor to sustain self serving interests and need. The worlds financial model is not sustainable. Cause and effect is simply populations under the yoke of Babylonian thinking become restless.

Would you pitch your tent in a land of insecurity, shackled freedom of speech, hunger, financial rape, corruption, and deception.?

If the political will is to continue to walk into an abyss of darkness, then humanity will continue to secure a boat and row over the seas of faith and hope.

If the political will continues to be blind that we are all different, but the same, when the tide goes out and humanity stands naked, where is the recognition of the bucket and spade for compromise. Or, who left it on the beach with the cast aside humanity like grains of sand.

As it was said once” I know what the first world war was about, and the second, the third I know what the cause will be and the fourth will be with sticks and stones”3 Stcks n Stones

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Refugee in Christchurch City NZ

FlameOne would have thought the progress of the Christchurch City Council, consideration of the housing stock, much of which has been paid for over and over, maintenance a small % would prevail. The housing stock is the home for many that have been displaced, socially beaten or in the face of a National disaster of earthquakes a haven for many, a home. For New Zealand the city council units for example could be called the refugee “camps” for good citizens of cross cultural needs.

However when one asks Christchurch City Council for a stove that works, instead of using a gas burner for camping, and a replacement stove arrives the following happened:

The replacement stove of 8-10 years plus age ( the existing one beyond repair of a life of approximately 20 years plus that food tasted toxic from fumes, the oven useless) around the knobs was 2mm of grime, the silver circles underneath about 4mm of dirt excess burnt residual of food, the under plates one would have to get a steel brush to take of burnt food and filth. The elements were well worn, the oven itself full of grime of a fatty nature from previous cooking, The stove body was greasy /waxy to touch. The warming draw seem to have housed a family of mice perhaps.

Christchurch City Council as landlord this is unacceptable, second hand is not the question but to be presented with a filthy, unhygienic, aged appliance to cook with is a disgrace. Social housing is essential. a heartbeat to the city to care for it’s citizens, young, old, special needs, the able and disable,  and for New Zealand we can do better than this.

How about aid to its own citizens, some of these units are leaking, no insulation and to be presented to cook ones food with a filthy second hand appliance is incomprehensible.

Message to Christchurch City Council

Message to Christchurch City Council

WE are all in this together , it is the small things that really count.

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Fast Lane — Slow Lane

Free Internet

Free Internet    

Proposed “Fast Lane” for high paying users of Internet and a “Slow Lane” for ordinary people globally to use the Internet for blogs, or other sites, means only those with money paying corporations the fee for the freedom of use. Shutting the door on those where even the slow lane would become unaffordable.

The transfer of control to corporations for a handful of stake holders making money is the death bell ( not the Wall Street bell ringing in the profit) for the voices of people and freelance journalism will be suffocated.

Writers to succeed will be at the mercy of the news media who would pay for the fast lane.

So the question is, will freedom of speech and journalism in the face of technology progress retreat backwards to hard copy print and the post. Pen and paper.?

Is this not how to silence the people, how to cripple freedom of speech in an overcoat of a snake skin? All on the spin for a dollar.

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